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"A Gift that keeps on giving!"

Treat yourself, or someone else to a prosperous and profitable new year!

"Limited availability, time sensitive offer."

"Do you know somebody who has a gift, be it a skill, a product, a service or some really important knowledge that they should be sharing with the world, and getting paid to do so? Here is your chance to give them just such a gift! Or maybe it's time you gave yourself such a gift? Whatever the reason, we are here to provide the means. We will custom tailor a website and marketing campaign to suit the special gifts of the person, product, or service that's available to share with the world. That could mean a membership site, an e-commerce site with online ordering and inventory control, service packages and custom quotes with client reporting systems. or anything in between. What better gift can you give (to yourself or others!) than creative and financial freedom!? Speak with one of our business specialists today to have your gift custom tailored to perfection! Satisfaction guaranteed."

Sincerely, Minerva Solutions


Setup Fees Break Down

Ranges from $75 - $175

The costs on top of the individual packages' monthly fee. Setup fees apply to monthly subscriptions. Annual subscriptions get free setup.

"Basic" (For Beginners)

$99/mo + $75 setup or $997/year

For non technical users in startup phase with their business or idea. Get the help you need to get started as you build your idea into a successful business. Upgrade at any time.

"Professional" (For Advanced Users)

$297/mo + $175 setup or $2975/year

For serious individuals with an existing business and sales or for those who want to make it a full job time.

NOTE: We don't charge for research time, sales talk/questions and quick consultations regarding a project, updates/upgrades or anything else that isn't hands on work for your project.

FAQ: "What if I don't want to pay every month or once a year?" A: You can simply buy out full ownership and lifetime support from us at the total cost of "$3975" (Basic Package) or "$9975" (Professional Package).

* Lifetime means that you will not be charged ever again for hosting, basic software updates for your site or business/technical support. It is meant to mean the lifetime of our company and ours. Guaranteed minimum of 5 years service. If service is to cease before 5 years time from the date of payment a partial, pro-rated refund may be discussed.

Included in every package:  Domain name registration. Website setup, installation of needed scripts, features, etc. Security hardening plus SSL certificate. Website design, theme, skin, custom branding package (matching logo, header, icon, banner ad). Professional business & startup assistance, consultation and library of tools (can start with a dropbox share, then our upcoming membership site). Professional content coaching, editing, and conversion to sales copy (client must provide the core information, even if it's just a snapshot of point form notes on a napkin). Complete search engine optimization and marketing. Keyword research, market / competition research, on page optimization with regular results Tracking and professional reporting. Off site reputation management and brand protection campaign (marketing service, social media etc). IT consultation and referrals for all aspects of your business, large or small, online or offline. Regular updates and maintenance.

Advanced / pro package comes with:  2x the above, meaning 2 domains/websites with everything above included (Ask us why if you don't know). Exclusive partner program for cross promotion with all our sites and partner sites. Access to future special offers first. Permanent discount on hourly rates for additional projects. Priority service - after hours, emergency on call, unlimited hands on help and updates to your site's content.

Who is Minerva Solutions?

"It is a small group of individuals mostly local to Victoria / Vancouver Island, BC with over 40 years of combined experience in IT solutions, website development, business consulting and online media."

To learn more about Minerva Solutions, please visit - minervasol.com.

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